Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Some Pics of My Kitchen

Some favourite corners of my kitchen:

I suppose this is a mix of things I like the look of, and things I actually use. Those candles have never moved, but I like them. On the other hand, the ceramic jam funnel gets used all the time (see jars below!).
A portion of our dry goods. We like beans and grains! We are lucky to live in an old house, but it was what you might call a 'fixer-upper'. I really wish I had taken more before pictures. The kitchen was the first room we tackled - it actually had a hole in the wall and burns from the old boiler. Basically we've put in a plain white kitchen, and while a wall unit might have been more practical, we wanted to keep as many original features as possible. Hence the sloped alcove!
My favourite 'toy' to keep on the counter for the babe. Endless fun, evidently, and it doesn't offend my delicate aesthetic sensibilities - unlike most of the other stuff covering our floors these days. Definitely beats the Exersaucer era ("here, cry in this while I very very quickly do dangerous things with knives"). True story: the bowl was handmade in Morocco, and I traded it for some clothes from Zara when we were hiking in the Atlas Mountains. There isn't anywhere to get store-bought clothes up there, and it's a pain for the locals to go to Marrakesh all the time, so they are keen to trade for good quality stuff. So if you're ever going, take extra clothes! Everybody wins!
Again, we could have knocked down the old chimney breast, but I like it. My kitchen literally has a hearth.


View from the window, my neighbour's garden. We don't really have one.

And lest you think everything in my kitchen is beige, a print I've had since college, which a friend was getting rid of, and some pot holders my great aunt made.
When I was in my early twenties (late teens even??), I wanted a red kitchen like Amelie, so I could, you know, BE her. But with the age comes the beige, it seems!

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