Monday, 29 February 2016

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Postpartum Life

It's been 4 weeks since the little man reluctantly joined us earthside. How's it going? Well, newborns are a lot of work, duh, but to be perfectly honest, it's been pretty blissful. Not having the feeding issues that we had the first time around helps, as well as being used to the 24-hour childcare thing - I don't expect "free time" at the moment, and so I don't miss it. I've leaned more heavily on my partner this time, because, simply, I've needed to. And again, with feeding going well, it's very clear what I can and can't do by myself.

Some things have been easier than I expected, like bath time, other things much harder, like getting everyone dressed and out of the house. I've accepted a little more screen time in our day: she used to have none, on an average weekday, and now she might have an hour while I tidy up and make dinner. I'm not proud of this one either, but I stocked up on some paper plates to use when I need to keep things simple. I'm getting through my freezer stash, which turned out to be a good investment. For example, I defrosted some homemade cookies when we had some guests coming over. This morning I had a rye and peanut butter waffle. Woman cannot live on cold cereal alone. 

I'm more aware this time of how very quickly this phase will pass, as well. In a few short months he'll be sitting up, crawling, eating solids. Spring is just around the corner, and by summer he will be a different baby. It's amazing, and terrifying. Nothing keeps you present like being unbelievably busy with children; my husband will ask 'what do you want to do today?', and my answer is usually that I'm hoping to fit a shower in. 

Some photo evidence:

Multitasking. Look how big he is! Two weeks old here. 

I've managed a few simultaneous naps, but lately one seems to wake up right after the other goes to sleep. Hmm. 

Screen time.

Paper plates. And mess. On her plate is a waffle from the freezer and a kiwi. In her mouth is a sock. 


More cuteness.

Vegan Golden Milk

Everyone in my house is sick but me. Even the baby. I'm dong my best to eat well, get enough rest (ha!) and look after myself so I can look after the little ones (the saying is true; you can't pour from an empty cup). It's still winter though, so you're very unlikely to find me munching on cold, raw salads all day. I still want cozy. Enter Golden Milk - warm, spicy, turmeric-mulled milk. I'm no expert in Ayurveda, but I understand that turmeric is fabulously healthful, and Golden Milk is just one of the traditional ways to enjoy it. It's comforting and rich and delicious; you really can do a lot worse as far as wellness tonics go - on a cold day, I'd quite happily drink this instead of a hot chocolate or coffee. As usual, I'm not comfortable making outrageous health claims, but supposedly it's an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, overall-health-supporting wonder root. And it tastes completely different when fresh - tangier than I'd expected, almost citrusy. Recipe!

1 cup of unsweetened oat milk
1 tablespoon brown rice syrup (optional)
1/2 to 1 teaspoon coconut oil
1 star anise (don't think this is traditional, I just like it)
About half a stick of cinnamon, broken up.
A small piece of fresh turmeric (I used the smaller piece pictured - about a thumbnail? Or half a pinky?), grated on a microplane. Don't bother peeling it!

Gently warm in a saucepan, strain and enjoy! The turmeric will stain everything, FYI, but it's really worth getting the fresh root if you can find it. If there's some reason you can't have yellow fingers for a day or two, you should wear plastic gloves or even just use a sandwich bag when you grate it. 

Now, don't get sick!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

A Birth Story

It's good to write this stuff down, isn't it? As I mentioned, we did not get our hippie-dream-birth, but I still think ours is a story worth telling. They say that a healthy baby is "all that matters", and while that is certainly the most important thing, it's not the only important thing; we were treated with respect and kindness throughout this process, and I've come away positive and ready to mother, rather than feeling confused and traumatised. The experience does matter.

Gory details after the jump!

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Scenes From Our Table (Couch and Floor)

Well, hello! I had the baby! He's perfect, and huge - weighed 9 pounds 11 ounces at birth. I promise to post the whole story (far from all-natural, let me just warn you) and pictures soon, but for now I'm just going to end my hiatus with some random piccies from the last little while.

Da bump.

Da breakfast. Former is pear & cinnamon hot cakes, later is French toast, apple and peanut butter.

Found in F's room.

My obsession with home fermenting continues. We've got some radishes here, leek paste and celeriac kraut. I've been using recipes from Fermented Vegetables - having a lot of fun with it! It's also been great to have so much probiotic food in the house, as I had to be on antibiotics after the birth. 

Couldn't stop baking as I came up to 42 weeks...

AFTER the birth there have been flowers.

And lots of tea.

And Kimchi ramen.

Life is good. I will gush appropriately very soon.