Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Nursery (On A Budget)

With all the renovations needed on our house, we've kept things cheap and cheerful in terms of decor. Here is F's room, as it is now - if you're into nursery design, you'll notice that pretty much everything new is Ikea. I ain't ashamed. When you save (big time) on things like the cot and chair, you can focus a little more on a few details, which I personally think is what makes it special.

Toys on a shelf. This was originally intended to keep soft toys from the clutches of our dog, but he's not really allowed in here anyway. It's a very basic shelf from Homebase that I painted white. The garland was a gift from Grandma, the butterfly print I bought from a street vendor in Rome years ago, the other frame has a printed poem (just printed from a normal computer), and the zinc F is from Anthropologie.

The print is actually wrapping paper, and I may replace it at some point as it's inaccurate! The uke I already had (was intended as a gift for my brother, but we got him a better one), and the flower garland is from Etsy. The shop, Grace and Oscar, very kindly made it without wool for us.

Ikea book wall. Because you gotta. It also fits in an awkward alcove, making use of it. BTW, she's obsessed with the book Peck, Peck, Peck. It's wonderful, and about a Dad (bird) for once!

The plant pot we already had (sale item from Anthro, some time ago), as well as the tea lights. I like to use LED tea lights for nightlights. I actually bought them for labour, because I was evidently imagining childbirth to be some sort of spa retreat. Luckily they've proved useful since.

Baskets of toys.

Ikea play kitchen.

You can't have too many blankets. Even now that she's past the spit-up stage, they are the raw materials for fort-building. The hutch was literally found on the street.

I originally put the pillows there as a barrier to the radiator when she started crawling, but it's become our little reading nest. When she's in the chair, I think she's distracted by the other books and the thought of a potential nursing session. Two of the pillows are Land of Nod, one Urban Outfitters that we had already, and the pink one I made.

My mom made this. I don't like to have framed art above her bed, because I'm a paranoid mother. When she moves to a toddler bed, I think we will take it down to use.

Quilt is a vintage find by my mom, the blanket was a (homemade) gift, and the pillow I made in about half an hour when I was 41.5 weeks pregnant and VERY restless.

An old picture. Tutti-fruity colours.

And some grainy pics from the early morning, just to put it all in context. It's not the biggest room, but it's not the smallest either:

I'll never understand how people can stick to a strict colour palette or theme, because so much of what you end up with is gifted or thrifted - do they, like, tell people only to buy them lilac or whatever? I love the all-colour theme anyway, and with plenty of white it's a cheerful place to be, even in January.

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