Thursday, 29 January 2015

Gingerbread Porridge

It's a bit embarrassing to call this a recipe - it's more like a good idea, or a template for wild experimentation. It's yum, whatever it is. Great for a cold; the molasses is loaded with minerals and the spices cut through congestion.
1 cup of jumbo rolled oats (look, steel cut are delicious, but ain't nobody got time for that.)
3 cups of water
1 tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses
1 tablespoon Brown Rice Syrup
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
About a teaspoon of cinnamon
About half a teaspoon of ground ginger
A sprinkling of ground clove
A crack of black pepper (black pepper? YES.)
To serve:
Non-dairy milk
Vegan margarine
Seeds, nuts, etc.
You basically cook it all for 10 minutes, at a good simmer. The spices are to taste, this is just approximately what I end up with. You may like it spicier. I'd only venture that it ought to be cinnamon > ginger > clove > pepper. Nutmeg or Allspice could be fun too.
Pumpkin Pie: Add leftover cooked squash, blended. Use a little less molasses.
Carrot Cake: Add grated carrot, raisins and walnuts.
We've had it twice this week. It's so comforting!

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