Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Nap Snaps

Boo! We still have a cold! I got it this time too, which is such a drag. Not like the old days when I could stay in bed and binge-watch old episodes of Buffy. So the time I'd been using to write and study has been spent resting, which is probably sensible. Just counting the minutes until we go away!
She's lost her voice, so today she sounds like she's speaking parseltongue. Nerd-lol.

Naptime. Thought we'd try to elevate her head with a pillow. So not into it.

Golden Healing Soup. We hope. That's what I'm calling it, anyway. It's turnip, sweet potato, golden beetroot and kale with a little onion. Also turmeric, fennel seed and coriander. Every week they make this fab soup at playgroup, and F. actually eats it! So I was trying to recreate it.

Another nap snap. Aw.

Forgot about these little shoes. Perfect for our trip! They were too big in the summer, but aren't the best for winter weather. No leather, obvs.
And yay! We finally got around to baby-proofing our kitchen cupboards properly. She's going to be monumentally pissed when she finds this.

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