Friday, 30 January 2015

Everybody Has to Wear Pants

No, I will not let you change my diaper.
Still no. I have to understand this box first.
It's flippin' freezing in our house (it's old and draughty), but I still find myself daily struggling to get the babe to submit to a full outfit. Everybody has to wear pants, kid. Sorry. She blows on her pretend cooking, btw, and I die.
We're loving having fresh bread. It's just a part of the routine now. Next stop, sourdough!


I got a new Japanese vegetable knife, and it makes me feel like a goddamn ninja. I had my eye on a Wusthof, but decided to go for a cheaper one. Still, sharp as all hell. That squash took like 30 seconds. NINJA.

Clearing the fridge before we go away is making for some pretty random meals. Tofu scramble with toast and sweet potato fries.
When will this cold go away??? Lemon and ginger tea, F. likes it too.

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