Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day Off

Oh, lucky lucky me. My husband, who is actually ill at the moment, has taken it into his head that I really need a day off now and then. He's right, of course - with the hours he's working, and our sleep schedule being so bad, I'm basically on duty 24 hours a day. So he's off playing with her at the London Docklands Museum (free softplay, South Londoners!), like a trooper, and I'm genuinely struggling to relax. I slept in, had a bath (by myself! With very hot water and grown-up soap and razors and coffee!!), had lunch, bought some vegetables, did some boring paperwork, and now... I don't know - watch a movie?? I'm planning to make a green lasagna later, and maybe have a nap. God, its so luxurious. What did I do before I had a baby?

The light in my bathroom was just so pretty this morning. Mostly Ikea houseplants.

And the face that makes it all worthwhile. That face!!

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