Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine's Brunch at The Gallery Cafe, London

We're not big into Valentine's Day, but my husband and I happen to have met on February 14th, in a cheesy club in Soho. So we try to do a (very) little something to mark the occasion. This year, my love thought we should go for brunch at The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green. The menu is almost entirely vegan, save for a couple of dairy options, and the profits go to charity. Pretty cool.
Almond Latte.

English Breakfast. Now we're in the depths of the British winter, we're back on the stodge. I had a mild panic after I ordered, thinking I should have gotten the pancakes, but this was good too. I get too excited to make a good decision at veggie places - can't handle all the choices!

Adorable brownie bite - fudgey and delicious.

Cupcakes and muffins - all vegan! I didn't ask about the croissants, but I should have. A vegan croissant is a very rare spot indeed.

So, yeah, I know it's dumb, but Happy Valentine's Day. Now go eat some chocolate.

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