Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Back to Life, Back to Reality

We're back home, and missing summertime HARD. Cape Town is really pretty special. Yes, obviously there are some seriously troubling things about South Africa. Yes, there were daily power outages and MANY warnings about crime. But I have to be honest, and we honestly had an amazing trip. Not a lot of pics from the end of our trip, because I was mainly using the good camera or my husbands phone (it has/had a better camera than mine) - the former has yet to be backed up, and the latter ended up in the pool (R.I.P., iPhone). I may do another Cape Town post later on, but I is too tired.
On arrival, F. really brought it home that we are NOT on vacation anymore by pooping in the bath. I was with her. And the dog has vomited several times. Excellent.

Breakfast. I did miss my juicer. Green juice for me and the babe, plus some fruit and peanut butter toast. My mom used to always draw a heart on my peanut butter toast, so I'm doing the same. I remember hers looking cuter though? 

Sleep, finally. I stayed up the ENTIRE overnight flight. My fella was going straight into the office, because he's a crazy person, so he slept most of the way.

After her nap, she was still so sleepy that she fell asleep sitting up. Check out those lashes!

Our only souvenirs - a tablecloth and a cool wooden bowl. I have a few block printed tablecloths - love them.

One last phone pic from our final couple of days, in Franschhoek. She looked so sweet in her little blue dress.

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