Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Plant, Cape Town

Plant has got to be one of the best vegan places in Cape Town, surely. We saw it on Happy Cow, naturally, and thought it would be worth a trip. Started with juice all around.

Green for me, red for my fella. We both shared with F. They also have Kombucha, smoothies, coconut water - anything a health nut might desire. 

Beetroot moustache!

I really have a hard time deciding at veggie places, but in the end I went for the "Vish" Burger, which was a nori/potato patty with veggies and vegan tartar sauce. Absolutely delicious. The babe approved as well, ate loads of it! I'm always happy when she eats seaweed. Had it been after 4, I definitely would have ordered nachos to share. Was also tempted by the cheese toastie and BLT - they make their own vegan mozzarella and tempeh bacon in-house.

My guy went for the Protein Salad - tempeh bacon, chickpeas, quinoa, sunflower seeds, pecans. He may not be vegan, but he ain't afraid of a legume or two. I tasted it, and I could honestly eat that every day. 

Dessert counter, ahhhhh!!!

We tried the brownie.

Everyone liked it!

And last but not least, I picked up some mushroom biltong. I don't think I will ever find this anywhere else, and it's really good! All told (juice, lunch, dessert, coffee, biltong), less than £20. Yassss

My only complaint would be that they didn't have highchairs, otherwise A++!

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