Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Courgetti and Other New Words

So, I've jumped on this particular bandwagon:
Just got an inexpensive manual spiralizer, and I have to say, courgetti is tasty! The little one wasn't impressed, but it's quite fun to use and makes a change, anyway. I'm pretty convinced that spiralizers are a fad, and in 20 years we'll all think it's 'very 2015', but I can enjoy a fad now and then. I've got ombré hair, haven't I? I'll spare you a recipe, because really, you can google it and find about a billion. This is just courgette (zucchini), cooked with a little garlic and olive oil, and some nutritional yeast to make it extra vegan.

Fun, right? Now, what else can I spiralize...?

In other news, F. likes to kiss pictures of dogs, and hang out with our real dog. Her vocabulary is blowing my mind, and she's so affectionate. This age is lush, and it's going so fast. Just for my own record, her vocabulary currently includes: eye, nose, teeth, toes, ear, dog, Rufus, Buddy (Hey Buddy! Hi Rufus!), cat, monkey, bird (ALL the birds), bee, shoe, hat, poopoo, momma, mommy, dada, daddy, bathtime (bath-ti), snack (nack!), tea, NO, bread, nana (banana), apple, pear, juice, porridge (sort-of), blueberry (boo-baby! boo-booboo!), baby, two (all counting is the number two, as in two, two, TWO!!), bear, book, Peck Peck Peck (her favourite book), choo choo, night night, booby, hot, OUT! (to Rufus, at dinner. Oops!), uh-oh, hello, hi, thank you, bye bye, done, all done. I'm sure there's more - it's just amazing watching them grow and learn. It's like a huge, complicated, unbelievably time-consuming science project.

Ok, me too - all done.

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