Monday, 30 March 2015

Watercolour Egg Garland - Vegan Easter Craft Project

When I was pregnant, I was quite apprehensive about parenthood. I'd made a choice, and I was happy, but I didn't look forward to it, exactly. After I found out we were having a girl, I remember standing in the craft section of Paperchase (the big one on Tottenham Court Road), looking at all the glitter, and craft paint, and stamps, thinking - yes. Yes. YES! I get to play with all this stuff! And she's finally, FINALLY old enough to paint with. And although I know how to sew and make some stuff, I wouldn't describe myself as crafty in the scrapbooking/holiday card kind of way, so this is quite a new venture for both of us. I got the idea from
Fare Isle on her beautiful Instagram feed.

So, I cut egg shapes out of watercolour paper. Just freehand, I don't think anyone here minds if they are a bit wonky. I also made them biggish, like goose egg size.

Make up some paint colours. If you're a real control freak, you could limit the colour palette however you see fit. I sort-of had to get her started with globs of paint, then she caught on.

Ooooooooh, pretty. She was absolutely engrossed working on this. I should say, we were painting at the dinner table, with her in the highchair. It's another instance of the Stokke Tripp Trapp being absolutely brilliant (I scoffed at a highchair that pricey, but I am so converted), so once again glad to have a cheap table and a good highchair. The only other time we've tried painting, she kept wandering around with painty hands and feet, causing me more stress than I care to admit to.

Then they have to dry.

They curled up a little bit, but once dry I could easily flatten them with my hands.

Next I just taped them to a piece of yarn, 3 or 4 inches apart. I suppose you could poke a hole in the tops for a sturdier garland, but I wanted to keep them intact.

Voila! Easter decoration, afternoon activity, good fun.

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