Sunday, 22 March 2015

Scenes of a Sunday (And Some Free Family Activities in London)

I love Sunday! The day started out right - we all slept in until 7:20 (yes, that's sleeping in these days), then snuggled in bed while her dad tried to read the paper:

Ambled downstairs for waffles and blueberries:
Then we decided to go to Mudchute Farm in the Docklands! Made some friends:

As a vegan, how do I feel about farms and zoos? The truth is that I don't know yet. I don't want to tar them all with the same brush, so for now I am keeping an open mind. Seaworld? No thanks. But Mudchute Farm is actually pretty cool, from what we saw. It's also free to the public! 
Afterward we thought we might swing past the London Docklands Museum so F could eat the lunch I packed, then have a run around in their (also totally free) soft play area. She spent most of the time pushing a wheelbarrow, or trying to get into the water:

South London, innit:

Feeling very 90's with my cool Vegetarian Shoes. Is it true that you're too old for a trend if you can remember it from the first time around? If so, I am too old for this...


Such a nice family day out! For free! And it's only naptime...

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