Saturday, 7 March 2015


You know that e.e. cummings poem? Where he says the 'world is mudluscious'? Yeah, SPRING. It's tantalizingly close now, and I'm getting all giddy about it. We went to the park yesterday, and of course this happened immediately:
Not that she minded, obviously. I'm still futzing about with manual photography, which is fun. This set at the park was all manual.

Blossoms! This is the end of my road. It's pretty.
Little wellies by the back door. I bought them less than 24 hours ago but they are well and truly broken in!
Playing in the back yard while I clean the kitchen. (Yeah, that's it. But did you see how pretty the street is??!)
I've been pushing a chair up the kitchen counter so she can "help" cook (in other words, let me use two hands - otherwise she wants to be on my hip). But yesterday she fell off and gave me a heart attack. She didn't hit her head, thank god, because of my ninja/cat/mom reflexes, but I've dragged some rugs into the kitchen to soften any falls for a bit. I'm also going to get a small stepstool. Bad parent award goes to me, I know.
I know they'll get filthy, but I quite like it actually!
Setting the table for dinner, and it was still light outside!! My husband is away on a boys' weekend, so we're going to have a girls' weekend. Been rocking out to Pink Martini and Edith Piaf all day, and there's really only one important decision to be made: tacos or Indian takeout?
Hello? Moscow? This is the President.
And lastly, some love for Rufus. Just 'cause. Again, futzing about with the Nikon. Hope you are all enjoying some spring weather as well!

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