Thursday, 5 March 2015

Tantrums and Teal Paint

So, she just had her first tantrum. If I've ever used that word before, I was wrong and I take it back. It started so innocently; I let her help me make bread.

We're watching the dough mix, making some lunch (vegetarian sausages and spaghetti with nooch, not terribly exciting but it's normally a sure-thing). She's having snacks, chatting - it's fun! At some point I guess it dawned on her that we weren't having the bread.
'Sorry, darling, the bread isn't ready yet. In an hour we knead it again, and then we bake it, and THEN we eat it.'
'No, sweetie. Sausages. Yum!'
Her voice is cracking already - 'BWEAD???'

A half an hour of inconsolable writhing later, she fell asleep, sobbing in my arms. For most of it, she emphatically did not want to be comforted, so I just neutrally waited it out until she needed me. Eventually she came over for a hug and passed out. I know they haven't yet learned how to process their emotions, and that this is totally normal, but holy moly. That'll wake you up in the morning.

Also, I'm soliciting opinions on my new-old table. I bought it for £30 (score!) and it badly needs refinishing, so I'm going to paint the legs and sand and oil the top a darker colour. I also want to replace the cup handles, since I probably can't get the paint off of the original ones. The only thing I'm not sure of is the colour of the paint for the legs - I've bought a lovely teal (Dulux Proud Peacock), but it looks quite dark in photos:

I can't decide! I feel like everything in our house is white, which is fine, but a colour would be nice, and I feel like we can be bold when it was so inexpensive to begin with. It's only paint! What say you, friends?

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