Monday, 21 September 2015

Desert Island Foodstuffs

I thought today's Mofo prompt was a particularly fun one: if you were stranded on a desert island, what three endless food supplies would you take (nutrition not being a consideration)? Without further ado:

Hot Sauce: 

Obviously. This is my number one pregnancy craving this time around, and, for me, flavour is more important than serious heat. I particularly can't be without Pepper Plant. It's made in Gilroy, California, and it's garlicky and awesome, not especially hot but flavourful. Unfortunately, it's hard to find outside a certain radius of Gilroy - I always bring it home from California, and ask people to bring more when they visit. I also like Tapatio, Cholula, Tabasco, West Indian Hot Pepper sauce - and whatever else we find on our travels. While I like sriracha (and I know this is a controversial opinion), it's not my favourite and I think rather overrated. There! I said it! 


I almost didn't include this, because I'm not really drinking many hot drinks at the moment (can't explain it - they make me feel sick when I'm pregnant, even though they still taste nice), but then I remembered my beloved Kombucha. So I'll take an endless supply of the good stuff, please. Some lovely darjeeling pictured above, from Borough Market. 


"I bought you flours"

While I am not yet the bread baker that I aspire to be, imagine all the things you could manage with flour in addition to your island-foraged foods! Pancakes, dumplings, BREAD. And before you burst my bubble with the 'how will you cook it?' problem, consider; I'm pretty sure that if Jamie Oliver can make a pizza oven out of mud in his backyard, I can figure something out. And I want all different kinds, too. 'Cause I'm greedy. 

Things that didn't quite make the cut include wine (I'm sure I can ferment something from the island, guys - if Poussey can manage it in Litchfield...), vinegar (a serious contender), and some kind of sweetener. But you know, we all have to make hypothetical sacrifices sometimes.  


  1. Love the flours from Stranger than Fiction & good point about how versatile the flour could be! :)

    1. Thanks!!! I was wondering if anyone else remembered that film! :)