Thursday, 17 September 2015

How To Get Into British Heaven

Step one: Put the kettle on.

Step two: Use good, loose, English Breakfast tea. Loose tea tastes better. Always. 

Step three: Use a teapot. I've got lots, including a nice big Brown Betty (bam-ba-lam), but most often I use this little cheapo I got from a Chinese wholesaler. Using a pot keeps the volatile oils from escaping, which means flavour. Another thrift store pot, just for fun: 

Step four: Milk. Unlike with coffee, you can't use any old non-dairy milk. I find the most universally agreeable to be oat milk (my current fav) and Alpro Simply Mild. I sometimes keep the latter in the house for guests.

Step five: Brew now or brew later, 4pm or 4am, to anyone and everyone who crosses your threshold. 

P.S. A biscuit doesn't hurt. These are Doves Farm, but plain Hobnobs happen to be vegan too. Peter Kay approved for dunking. 

P.P.S. Ok, so, I *may* not have had time for my originally planned 'regional dish' for Vegan Mofo, but this is important stuff too, guys.

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