Monday, 13 April 2015

Current Obsessions

Just a little snapshot of what she's digging these days. Crazy kid.
She remains obsessed with her yellow boots, and insists on putting them on herself. As you can see, it doesn't always go well.

Beads. Mean muggin'.
Lining up her toys. Slightly creepy? God help us if she's making an audience.

Reading - still, always. Note the beads. And one sock.

Pretending to go 'night night'. She finds this hilarious. Yellow boots.

Walking everywhere. We *almost* walked home from here.

Climbing/giving me a heart attack.

Animals. Walking. This was at Mudchute Farm again.
Since we went last, she's learned animal noises. Lots of oinking and mooing this time. She especially likes the goats for some reason. I don't know what the goat says, either.

'Helping' me cook. Singing. I give her a little dough to play with (we were making pizza), and she sings 'do, do, do, do', from the Sound of Music.

Note the yellow boots.

Hummus. In a particularly vegan moment, she decided to hell with the bread and went at it with a spoon.

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