Friday, 10 April 2015

Buttons and Bussabyes

How about a picture post?

We are continuing to clear and clean the back garden in preparation for the warmer weather. Our plans are modest, but I am still really looking forward to having a nice little outdoor space this summer. She remains obsessed with her yellow boots, and insists on putting them on herself, with mixed results.

Cleaning, but I keep getting distracted by cuteness. 

Rye bread. Love for my mixer. 

A new friend in an old pot. 

These were for my course, and I got quite good feedback, which was nice. There were MANY others, but I shall spare you.

Morning light, this girl. In the mornings now, she chats to herself in bed for AGES. It's so sweet. She sounds like a little bell. I'm just astonished by how she's coming on verbally, although not without (adorable) mistakes. Lately she's been saying 'hummus' a lot, even when she means tortilla, and 'bussabyes' (butterflies), and trousers. I'm trying really hard not to say pants, because that means underwear over here and if I can spare her an embarrassing moment, I really ought to. I think we had our first proper two word phrase as well; she pointed out 'mama's button', my belly button. I died, and keep dying. They aren't kidding, are they? Kids grow up staggeringly, amazingly, heart-breakingly fast. I'm at once proud and devastated. 

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