Friday, 18 March 2016

Scenes From Our Table

Something of a backlog! It's definitely still an adjustment period around here (and maybe it always is with children in the house? As they are always changing?), and one thing that really makes me feel 'normal' is getting down to the farmer's market on Sunday. Some of that bounty above, and below. 

Killer onion focaccia. Focaccia is actually easy to make, but I bought this one - which is just as well, because then I can pretend that I don't know how much oil goes into it. Along with a couple of Tofurky sausages and sliced apples, that was our simple Sunday lunch. 

Breakfast is also less complicated these days. Mostly commercial cereal! I'm eating a lot of nutty granola. 

And she's into either Weetabix, or lately oats, chia seeds and soy yogurt. When we get up I will ask 'pancakes today? French toast?' And she'll go 'NO!!! YOGURT!!!' Ask and ye shall receive...

Lots of green smoothies. Still one of the only reliable ways to get green vegetables in that child, so while I don't personally think that smoothies are the last word in healthy living, they sure come in handy with toddlers. 

Thai curry paste and coconut milk, noodles, tofu and whatever veggies I have on hand. My new favourite! I made this for my man and I one day he had to work from home. 

Kimchi. Obsessed. How did I get through my life up until now without Kimchi in the house? I'm throwing it on everything.

On toast, with greens and tempeh bacon - calling it a BL-Chi, because I'm a nerd. 

And in every vegan-bowl-type-thing. This is leftover fried rice, greens, kimchi and pickled chickpeas. Eaten at our newly carved out desk area while I try to get to grips with Lightroom - am a long way off competence there, but it's interesting. 

Snacks. Bread and peanut butter, kukicha tea. Have ditched the paper products again now that the dust has settled. I can cope with dishes and linens again. 

And my reward for coping with dishes and linens is having a cute table again.

Lastly, a scene from another table. We went to the Gallery Cafe for Mother's Day brunch the other week, which was absolutely lovely. I love that place. Obviously, we had to share a cupcake. My heart.

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