Monday, 11 May 2015

Underrated Milestones, 18 Months

Yeah, ok, I know all the normal milestones are cool, but all these other, weird, forgotten firsts are absolute gold, and they are happening ALL. THE. TIME. I'd like to remember them, so thinking I'll make this another somewhat regular thing. Because growing-up is done in tiny, hilarious increments.
Expressing a preference for an article of clothing:
She loves this cheap parakeet dress, and if she sees it she wants to wear it OVER whatever else shes wearing. Just goes 'DRESS! DRESS! DRESSSSS!!!', until I let her wear it.

She also loves these new Mini Melissa sandals I found at a thrift store (score!), and again, happy to wear them over socks. That's style, friends. Style.

Knowing the words to favourite books and songs:
She's been singing for a while, but her party trick at the moment is showing off that she knows the 'do, ray, me' song from The Sound of Music. And god help you if you try to skip some parts (or the title page!) from a book she knows well! And she knows them all very well indeed.

Amusing herself for a bit in the mornings:
She's done this for a while as well, but there's something more grown-up about it lately - like she could just make herself a cup of black coffee while she's at it. We still get cuddles and everything, but first we get to wake up a little more slowly.

More pretending:
I love the pretending. Pretend food for her toys, pretend walking, pretend kissing. I caught her pretending to wash Sleepy Monkey's hands, which was cute; hand-washing is also a big obsession right now, she tries to 'wash' her hands in anything she can find, including dog bowl water, milk and sand.

Becoming interested in art:
When I was little, I wanted to be an artist. This didn't pan out, obviously, but I still love making a mess and I LOVE being able to share this with her. She didn't seem to enjoy it much until recently, but now it's fun for both of us!

Copying us:
Today I noticed her playing with a contact lens case: she was dipping her finger in, then poking herself in the eye. It still makes me giggle just thinking about it. What does she think the purpose of this is?? She has no idea, obviously, but she knows that Mommy does it. She's knocking on doors, and dipping bread into soup, and trying to say 'have a good day!' in the mornings.

The growing-up happens both slowly and all at once, doesn't it? They say that the years are short and the days are long - I get it now.

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