Saturday, 30 May 2015

Scenes From Our Table

Some nights, you basically just want pan-asian restaurant starters. Corn cakes and spring rolls. Sweet chilli, and peanut sauce. Remind me to post the peanut sauce recipe, guys, it was BOSS.

Corn cakes.
Stewed rhubard isn't the most photogenic of foods, I will grant you, but hot damn, it does the job.
Buckwheat pancakes.
Posh take-out.
Taking the 'table' outside. I made this quilt a few years ago from thrift store scraps.
Take that, Dad. Defeated!
A breakfast series, starting with quinoa sourdough (sadly, not homemade. I am still struggling with sourdough). 
Waffles and peanut butter. She just calls it 'butter', because she's the sweetest.
My new thing - multigrain porridge. This is oat, quinoa and millet with Udo's oil , a little brown rice syrup, and seeds. And lemon water because I'm soooooo virtuous. Just a note, the millet takes a bit longer to cook, so use leftovers!

And finally, some inspiration. Been craving homemade tortillas, and I'm going to make that business happen for us.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!!

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