Saturday, 25 July 2015

Picture Post: Noisy, Amazing, and Disgusting

Firstly, I should apologise for the photo quality lately. We were having a problem with our camera, so everything has been on the iPhone lately. It's fixed now though. 

Secondly, how fast do these new skills crop up?? F is speaking in SENTENCES. Not just 'I did it', but stuff like, 'Mommy no wash her hair'. She says 'bless you', and 'scuse me', and when I ask if she wants her vitamins, she says 'yes please!' - I can't handle how cute it is. Basically an angel child (until bedtime). She's got a decent handle on plural (although two apparently qualifies as 'lots of', so just now at breakfast, 'LOTS OF spoons!!!'), and getting to grips with a few adjectives, favourites being noisy ('noisy bird!', 'noisy dog!', 'noisy baby!' - just you wait, kid.), amazing (her dad pointed out some 'amazing clouds' once, and she's been trying it out for other things. Not sure that car was amazing, but ok), and disgusting. When I make roast potatoes, for some reason, she eats them while chirping away, 'mmm, DISGUSTING!!' And laughing at her hilarious joke. Crazy kid.

How about some pictures? 

Looking cool.
Telling me she looks cool.
Somebody likes Mommy's pregnancy pillow.
Stuck indoors on a beautiful day, waiting for my new passport to arrive from the Embassy. So, art day. Just an aside, I've acheived a life-goal - when it came time to renew my passport, it was FULL of stamps. Not an empty page to be found. Teenage me would be flabbergasted.
Baby selfie.

There's a big sand pit and cafe in Blackheath, and we're there pretty much every day. They put buckets of water out sometimes, and my kid is always the only one actually GETTING IN. So we leave a wet sandy mess wherever we go, but you know, summertime.

That's all from us today. Have a good weekend!

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