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Hello there. I'm Jo. I'm a mom to one incredible little girl and one big, beautiful baby boy, a proud vegan, and a transplanted California-native in London. I started reaching out into the internet abyss when I was on maternity leave with my daughter, and was looking for baby-led weaning inspiration from other vegan moms. Then I quit my dream job in order to stay home and wipe bottoms (which I've been surprised to discover suits me rather well), and so this has become a much-needed hobby. It's an outlet. It's a connection. It's a record of this sweet season.

I'm open to the idea of sponsors, but haven't yet taken that plunge: any products recommended here are simply out of my own enthusiasm.

Little F. is an energetic toddler who enjoys climbing, running, and eating all the fruit. Little H. is mostly into boobs and smiling at the moment. 

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