Monday, 31 August 2015

Scenes From Our Table (iPhone edition)

Hello! We're still away (and phone blogging exclusively!), so these photos are old, but I meant to post them before summer slipped away from us. 

Waffles, nectarines, strawberry Kombucha. Mismatched everything.

Those pickled onions, changing my leftovers and LIFE. Seriously, I'm going to have to make them every week until I die.

Congee, greens, tofu, onions and lacto-fermented radishes. The stuff of my dreams, basically. 

 Plantains, beans and rice.

Pretty stationary, iced decaf. 

Not our table, rather our kitchen side. Just 'cause I love summer fruit.

Simple late-summer supper of baked tofu and veggies.

Iced nettle tea. For the discerning pregnant lady.

Rainy day watercolours.

And some dahlias!

Also, FYI, we're going to be attempting to participate in Vegan Mo-Fo (Vegan Month of Food) this year, so from tomorrow, expect DAILY food posts. I just hope I can keep up!! Here goes nothing!

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